About PCIL


The mission of the Pennsylvania Council on Independent Living is to support the network of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and to advance the Independent Living movement.

Core Values

PCIL takes great pride in its four core values: commitment to the vision and mission; unified in order to advance the mission; trust by each member toward the other; and, recognizes and values a sense of humor. As a reminder, these are prominently displayed and read at each board meeting.

  1. The PCIL Board of Directors is committed to the vision and mission of the organization. Each member will actively participate in all aspects of the promotion of the strategic direction of the organization. Each member will take ownership for being part of the solution and dedicated to completing the task assigned and/or chosen. Each member will respect and value all input and opinions and will actively work to build trust and unity. Each member agrees to actively participate in PCIL activities including committees, meetings and fundraisers.
  2. The PCIL Board of Directors is unified in order to advance the mission of the PCIL. Each member of the Board of Directors will share a common IL philosophy; agree to communicate in a cohesive and unambiguous manner; openly debate in a search for the greatest possible consensus, cognizant always of the greater good; appreciate and accept diversity, recognizing each individual member’s unique talents, personality and gifts; embrace and respect all forms of advocacy; accommodate the minority opinion during discussions; accept and respect majority decisions, regardless if the member held the minority opinion; recognize and respect that each Director wears other hats which, as members of another organization, may take different positions on issues; and, publicly support and uphold decisions by the Board of Directors.
  3. The PCIL Board of Directors values trust among its members. The Board of Directors agrees that the foundation of a thriving organization is built on trust. Confidentiality will be maintained across the organization. Discussions, particularly of a sensitive nature, will remain confidential. Each member agrees to express opinions honestly and not remain quiet, which allows others to assume agreement. Once consensus on an issue is reached by the Board, the PCIL staff will represent that position only. The Board will count on each other to act in one’s best interest when one is unavailable.
  4. The PCIL Board of Directors recognizes and values a sense of humor. The Board of Directors is committed to growing as an organization. Valuing a sense of humor means that members will take what they do seriously, but not at the price of finding the lighter side of issues. Humor will be appropriate and not target diverse populations, gender or cultural differences. Each member will recognize that socializing and “playing” together increases opportunities to appreciate each other and work together. The members agree to leave every meeting with a smile.

PCIL Staff

Executive Director: Mike Grier (email)

PCIL Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President: Misty Dion, Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living of NCPA

Vice President: Shona Eakin, Voices for Independence

Treasurer: Thomas Earle, Liberty Resources, Inc.

Secretary: Hillary Hasson, CIL Opportunities

Executive Committee Member At-Large: Denise Corcoran, Anthracite Region CIL

Executive Committee Member At-Large: Jaclyn Nagle, Disability Empowerment Center


Amy Beck, Lehigh Valley CIL

Carl Berry, Community Resources for Independence

Robert Mecca, Life & Independence for Today

Seth Hoderewski, CIL of Bucks County

Brittany Boyd-Chisholm, CIL of Central PA

Kevin Huwe